Dark Forest
Ist [und] Sei; Geschrieben [e] Nachrichten[sind] Vergangen
"go home" you said

lying on your kitchen floor
crying, sighing, crying some more
I thought together we could grow
but now you tell me I should go

I hear you sob and rage and shout
the beating in my chest is loud
You shatter things and I'm to blame
so tired of playing this hurtful game

I'm sorry that I let you down
I'm sorry that I made you frown
I'm sorry for my sorry attempts
when I reach out and grab your hands

Oh I feel our agitation
mixed with our infatuation
but you, you just clutch me tight
You, you tell me it's alright

But I cannot get over this
can't remember days of bliss
I shut the door all quietly
for that you will not scream at me

but please, please don't let go of me
'coz you've become a part of me
please, please don't let go of me
'coz you're the one who made me see

(c) August 2009
23.8.09 21:25


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